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Our evidence based ‘simple – fast – effective’ programs help people, communities and organizations in becoming mindful and heartful in their thinking, planning and actions, and script their own happiness, success and empowerment.

• Attention • Focus • Stress• Relationships • Emotional Resilience • Clarity Of Mind • Problem Solving   Skills • Decision Making • Compassion  • Mutuality • Self Esteem  • Self-Confidence • Non-Violent Communication • Overall Wellbeing


Our interventions help people, communities and organizations in becoming aware of their thoughts and response mechanism, break out of auto-pilot behavior, form new habits, and create an empowered, happy and successful world for themselves.

  • Personal Coaching
  • Talks
  • Workshops
  • Retreats

We curate all our interactions based on the participants.


  • Attention and focus
  • Emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Stress, anxiety and fear
  • Negative emotions and relationships
  • Compassion for self and others
  • Non-violent communication
  • Calm mind and mental agility
  • Overall well-being


  • Attention & Focus
  • Stress, anxiety and fear
  • Calm mind and mental agility
  • Negative emotions and relationships
  • Self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Personality management
  • Academic excellence


  • All interventions applicable to individuals.
  • Balance between family and self
  • The power within & develop self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Efficient and effective leadership at work & at home
  • Managing business /profession


  • Authentic leadership
  • Problem solving & decision making
  • Mutuality & team spirit
  • Employee engagement & productivity
  • Creativity & innovation
  • Stress & burnout
  • Work-life balance
  • Overall well-being


• Awareness  • Mindfulness  • Emotional Intelligence • Compassion

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used while creating them” – Albert Einstein

We live in two worlds simultaneously, the inner world of our thoughts, esires, dreams, values and compulsion, and the outer world in which we are born and act. Both these worlds are intimately connected and the quality of our inner world, determines the quality of our outer world. Thus, if we want to change our outer world, we need to bring about a change our inner world.

To help people becoming mpowered, happy and successful; communities compassionate and cohesive; organizations efficient and effective; and businesses productive, profitable and sustainable. Our interventions (Rewiring Life) are a combination of:

  • Ancient wisdom → Mindfulness, heartfulness,  breathing and meditation.
  • Modern science → Neuro-science, cognitive  psychology, quantum physics.
  • Management research → Organization development,    productivity, profitability.
  • Human needs → Empowerment, happiness and success.

“Everything affects – and is affected by – everything else” – Kilmann, 2001


Mindfulness is a secular ancient attention management practice found across traditions, and it has in recent times received scientific validation for its ability to bring about a profound change in one’s thinking and behavior.In simple words mindfulness is the act of paying attention to self, others and the world in the present moment and connecting to reality in a compassionate and non-judgmental manner for higher empowerment, happiness and success by –
  • Experiencing emotions and stress differently,
  • Making better decisions for higher productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • Fostering mental and physical wellness.

In today’s VUCA (volatile,uncertain, complex,ambiguous) world, information overload, attention- deficit and stress have assumed epidemic proportions. While information-overload is leading to confusion, lack of clarity of mind and bad decision making, stress to a host of mental and physical challenges (illnesses), and attention-deficit to failure, low productivity, stress and other negatives in our personal and professional life. Unaware of the fact that the potential to excel, love, grow, succeed and be happy is locked inside us and the same can be unleashed by mindfulness practices, majority of us are leading a life of stress, mediocrity, failures, low self-esteem and unhappiness.

  • Our attention wanders 46.9% times 
    (Science, 12 November 2010: Vol 330, No. 660, PG32)
  • WHO has declared the 21 st century as the century of mental health epidemic.


While mindfulness is all about thinking and feeling, heartfulness is all about action. Heartfulness is taking meaningful action using our character’s strengths and virtues for the common good of all. Heartfulness follows mindfulness – mindfulness can exist without heartful action, but, heartful action cannot exist without mindful feeling and thought. Heartfulness assists us in striving to be more kind, more courageous, more wise, more just, more forgiving, more compassionate and so forth.


Meditation is an attention focusing practice that helps in aligning our body, mind and spirit into a wholesome entity. It enables us to become aware of how we think, plan and act. And, it also facilitates a change in our behavior pattern when we focus our attention on different parts of our brain. It calms our mind and makes us aware of new possibilities and options that are available to us and give direction to our goals and life.

Meditation is known to accord a number of physical, mental and spiritual benefits, out of which some are – develops ability to overcome loneliness, boosts creativity, ends depression, improves memory and learning, makes one kinder and happier, boosts IQ and EQ, ends anxiety and stress, makes one smart and healthy, ends insomnia, and harmonizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain. [https://eocinstitute.org/meditation/10-key-brain-regions-upgraded-with-meditation-2/#codeword7]

“Meditation is about seeing clearly the body that we have, the mind that we have, the domestic situation that we have, the job that we have, and the people who are in our lives. It’s about seeing how we react to all these things. It’s seeing our emotions and thoughts just as they are right now, in this very moment, in this very room, on this very seat. It’s about not trying to make them go away, not trying to become better than we are, but just seeing clearly with precision and gentleness…[We] work with cultivating gentleness, innate precision, and the ability to let go of small-mindedness, learning how to open to our thoughts and emotions, to all the people we meet in our world, how to open our minds and hearts. – Pema Chodron


Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity, or neural plasticity, is the ability of the brain to restructure and reorganize itself as we experience, learn, and adapt. Every thought and emotion creates a new neural pathway and it gets reinforced every time we repeat the same thought or emotion. Similarly, what we do not repeat tends to fade away. Thus, neuroplasticity is the & muscle building part of the brain, and it is at work throughout life. Connections within the brain are continually becoming stronger or weaker, depending on what is being used.

“It refers to the physiological changes in the brain that happen as the result of our interactions with our environment. From the time the brain begins to develop in utero until the day we die, the connections among the cells in our brains reorganize in response to our changing needs. This dynamic process allows us to learn from and adapt to different experiences.” – Dr Celeste Campbell

Modern Science

  • “It is fascinating to see the brain’s plasticity and that, by practicing meditation, we can play an active role in changing the brain and can increase our well-being and quality of life,” [Jan 21, 2011, The Harvard Gazette, Eight Weeks to a Better Brain]
  • Our findings suggest that 4 days of meditation training can enhance the ability to sustain attention; benefits that have previously been reported with long-term meditators.” [Consciousness and Cognition, Volume 19, Issue 2, June 2010, Pages 597-605]
  • Mindfulness practice and expertise is associated with a decreased volume of grey matter in the amygdala, a key stress-responding region. [Scientific American, June 2014]
  • Chronic stress and anxiety have a negative influence on mental & physical health, and also confirms relationship to suicidal thinking. [International Journal Environ Res Public Health, 2016]
  • 273 participants, 10 weeks online course in mindfulness – reduction in anxiety by 58%, in depression by 57% & in stress by 40%. [Oxford University, 2012]
  •  2 weeks mindfulness classes increase GRE scores from 460 to 520. [University of California, 2012]
  • “Your personality, and not IQ, is key to success – Financial success is co related with consciousness, a personality trait marked by diligence, perseverance and self-discipline”.  [James Heckman, August 2017]
  •  A fundamental conclusion of the new physics ….. Observer creates the reality. [Nature 435:29, 2005]

Management Research

  • Google, Apple, Aetna, the Pentagon, and the U.S. House of Representatives using Meditation & Mindfulness Practices for improving management, productivity & profitability. [Harvard Business Review May 02, 2016]
  • Businesses built on love, transparency, mutuality & loyalty outperform the S&P 500 by 14 times and Good to Great Companies by 6 times over a period of 15 years.(1998 – 2013)
(Source: Click Here)

FOEs considered in study – 66 FOEs like 3M, Amazon, Google, Fedex, Boston Beer, IBM, Colgate, Disney, Southwest Airlines, SAS, Jordan, Prana, Tata (India), BMW (Germany), Posco (S.Korea), Ikea (Sweden), Honda (Japan), Unilever (UK) [Firms of endearment (FOE), How World Class Companies Profit from Passion & Purpose, 2nd Edition(2015)]

  • Findings of American Management Association’s Mindfulness Survey, conducted in collaboration with the Business Research Consortium (BRC) in late 2014. (Read report: Click here)


Mindfulness Insights is a network of senior professionals, who have come together from various field of human development and organization development. Integrating the best of the East and the West, Mindfulness Insights makes available simple-fast-effective actionable tools to people, communities, organization and businesses to help them survive and thrive in today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world.


Sandeep Gupta

Sandeep Gupta is the Founder and Managing Partner of Mindfulness Insights LLP. He is a Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence coach, and a Leadership and Organization Development mentor backed by 35+ years consultancy and executive leadership experience. He has worked with individuals and organizations of various sizes (Indian and foreign). He has a diploma in Mindfulness, a post graduate degree in Theology and is a Fellow Chartered Accountant. He is a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists, UK, and other professional bodies such as ICAI, AIMA, IOD. He has also been speaking, writing and publishing in India and abroad.[read more]

Ashok K Malhotra

Ashok K Malhotra is an expert yoga instructor, author, social entrepreneur and Prof emeritus Philosophy at State University of New York at Oneonta. His yoga programmes and talk shows are popular on Public Access Channel #23, USA, He is the recipient of a number of awards and felicitations in the US and India, including nominations for Nobel Peace Prize thrice. He has authored a number of books and is a regular contributor to various dailies in the USA. He did his PhD from Hawaii in 1969 followed by a successful teaching career spanning 48 years. He is the founder of Ninash Foundation, a charity that is funding seven schools in India for the underprivileged girl child.[read more]


Mathew Chandrankunnel is an experienced Quantum-Psycho-Religio-Therapy (QPRT) therapist, a quantum physics scientist and a philosopher. QPRT is a modern science driven technique that enables release of bottled up emotions and helps the person to realize his/her full potential and take quantum leaps in life. At present, he is the Director, Ecumenical Christian Centre, Bengaluru, and is on a mission to make it a Centre of Excellence, Compassion & Human unity. He did his doctorate from the University of Leuven, Belgium and post doctorate from the Harvard University, USA.[read more]


Indo Pandey

Indoo Pandey Khanduri is Director, Faculty Development Centre at HNB Garhwal University, Uttarakhand, and her focus lies in researching and developing strategies for managing emotions, introspection for self-development and ethical decision-making. In her counselling and training sessions, she uses a mix of ancient wisdom with modern science for developing spiritual consciousness, positivity and happiness. She is responsible for the holistic development of the teaching faculty in the state of Uttarakhand through coaching, workshops, retreats, orientation programs and symposiums. She holds a master degree from Allahabad University & a doctrate from JNU, New Delhi.



Mrs. Meenakshi Davar Director, POSOCO

Vocational Courses Students DEI University, Faridabad Centre

Teachers Induction Training Program 2.0, HNBG University, Srinagar

Anil gupta

CEO, AN Corporate Transformation
(Ex-President, Reliance Infrastructure
Ex-President Honeywell Corporation Inc.)

“Sandeep’s interactive session titled ‘Enhancing Board’s Effectiveness Through Mindfulness’ during IOD’s Master-Class was refreshing, experiential and insightful. He not only successfully demonstrated how our effectiveness and efficiency gets compromised on account of our wandering attention, stress and negative emotions, but also gave out simple mindfulness practices to train our mind to become calm and alert at the same time, and also breakout of our compulsive thinking and behavior pattern. I am convinced that mindfulness and emotional intelligence practices are fundamental in promoting Board effectiveness and business and leadership transformation.”
Janiti Singh

Jainiti Singh​
Managing Director,
A(Tex) India Pvt. Ltd.​

“Your workshop was a huge success amongst all the participants. Your creativity and energy shone throughout your presentations with examples and demonstrations, kept the whole group involved and maintained high interest levels throughout the workshop. In terms of content and relevance, it is obvious from the comments received what the general consensus was: “Excellent Workshop!”. Learned how simple changes in life and habits can make all the difference in one’s overall perspective and personality be it at work or home – to be a happier and less stressed-out individual. We certainly enjoyed and applauded the professionalism, humour, candor and presentation. On behalf of all of us at A-Tex India, thank you for conducting a motivating and enlightening workshop. Looking forward to having you again…”


Arshi Markan​
Senior Learning Specialist,
Global Learning & Development,
Fiserv India

“The experience of learning under you changed my perspective & my approach about so many things in life. Your handholding on the presentation that I delivered for my colleagues in till date the best experience of all my presentation and trainings thereafter. I feel so humbled when my seniors who left Fiserv, would till date tell me about how they saw a different dimension of the reality & me. That day changed me for so good that every time I am able to achieve anything little or big, I think about how that presentation was my first step. I still often look back at that presentation. I owe it all to you!”

Shweta Mehta​
School Teacher,
DAV School, Faridabad

“Thank you for your support and mentoring. Your guidance and handholding has changed my perspective of looking into life… Will look forward to work with you again”
Cytel Limited
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A(Tex) India Pvt. Ltd.
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IOD - Master Class
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